In Pre-wedding photoshoot of Abhishek and Pallavi we had used multiple props. As Abhishek is a Guitarist, we thought to make use of guitar in very natural way. 
As a professional wedding photographer,  I love to make use of flowers and always insist clients to bring flowers for their photoshoots. This is a very simple yet beautiful shot for Pre-wedding photography.
This is a must have pose in any pre-wedding, not just because it looks good, but also as a professional photographer we get chance to capture natural fun moments of couple. 
This one is one of the best pre-wedding photo of Abhishek and Pallavi. We took this shot in natural light, without using any flash in one of the gardens in Pune
We used multiple props like iPhone's for the Pre-wedding photoshoot of Abhishek and Pallavi. 

This pre-weeding photo, we had taken near a river face inside Pune. We took this shot from long distance so that couple will not get disturbed and we can capture their candid moments.

For this pre-wedding picture, we used color bomb. This picture was taken near a river facing inside Pune city.

As a professional photographer, I loved this costume of Pallavi and Abhishek the most. We shoot this picture on 1.4 wide aperture to make all focus on couple. I loved the detailing and expressions captured in this pre-wedding picture. We took this shot in Agakhan Palace in Pune.

I always love capture candid moments of couple, whether it is wedding or pre-wedding. I asked Pallavi and Abhishek to do some funny things and they used chunari and created a wonderful funny candid for their pre-wedding.

Abhishek is a fantastic guitarist and he is not just posing in this picture, but he is actually playing guitar for his dream girl. We loved to make use of his guitar in pre-wedding photoshoot. 

In wedding photography, professional photographers has wide scope for detailing but in pre-wedding photography they have some limited scope. But I love focusing on detailing. Pallavi's bangles were too pretty. I just grabbed this chance and clicked this amazing shot. 

Pallavi and Abhishek shares a love beautiful story. They met in wedding of Abhishek's Sister. It was love at first sight for Abhishek. They make a great couple. 
Abhishek was in contact from last few months with us. He wanted a perfect Pre-wedding photoshoot. Both Pallavi and Abhishek did a perfect collection of costumes. We covered this pre-wedding photoshoot inside Pune. 
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