Now a days, pre-wedding is kind of must have session, which is conducted 3 to 6 months before wedding. As a team professional wedding and candid photographers, we feel that these pre-wedding sessions plays a vital role. Such asĀ  - you will get time to build a good rapport with your partner. You will feel comfortable with your partner. You will get to know about your photographers and their style of storytelling, hence in marriage you can guess what your photographer is trying to capture. And last but the best is you will have some beautiful memories which will make you smile forever.
On wedding day, couple have limited time for photosession. Indian weddings are full of rituals and ceremonies. Hence pre-wedding session plays an important part to capture some beautiful and best candid photographs. Pre-wedding sessions are funny and romantic. Some couple prefer to do it in theme, whereas some couples need just candid. Its individual choice. But as a professional photographer, we feel that these are the best photographs you will find in your album. More than your best photographs, these are your best freezed memories.

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