Indian weddings are known for their magnificence. Weddings are not a single day function in India, but they are consist of multiple functions which lasts for 3 to 4 days. Its a kind of family gathering and they celebrate, engagement, mehndi, haldi, simanti, saptapadi, phera, reception, bidai, gruhpravesh and many more. As a professional wedding photographer, we enjoy all these ceremonies and we always try to capture best candid moments of not only couple, but all the close family members. 
We wish, this smile will last forever on Amita's face for lifetime. this couple was extremely happy. Their happiness is reflecting on their faces. It was pleasure for A&T photography team, to capture their best candid photographs. 

As a professional wedding photographer, I believe that this is the most beautiful moment of a bride's life, when she feel her whole world in her man's eyes. 

A candid picture from Amita and Pravin's Engagement photography where these adorable couple were greeting each other with a flower bouquet. 
A perfect smile is captured in a candid photograph. Amita was stunning in her Haldi ceremony photographs.
Haldi function is too beautiful to capture. As a professional photographer, I feel that this is most colorful function in Indian Weddings.
This best candid picture we have got in Saptapadi, which covers seven rounds around the fire.
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