Candid Prewedding Pictures of Apurva and Yogesh in Pune
Candid Pictures are always results to be the best... We started Pre-wedding session of Yogesh and Apurva inside a garden in Pune. Apurva and Yogesh were meeting each other after so many days. So it was kind of date for them. I simply asked them to do whatever they want and let me capture all the moments. And the result was too good.
Black and White Prewedding Pictures of Apurva and Yogesh

Some Pictures look good aas black and white, because emotions need no color. 

Sunset Prewedding shots of Apurva+Yogesh

It may be .a prewedding, wedding, maternity or fashion-portfolio shoot, we at A&T photography, always love to do experiments with Sun light. This prewedding picture we have taken in with Sunlight inside a garden in Pune. 
Best Prewedding Ideas
Apurva+Yogesh Contemporary Prewedding in Pune
If you are doing a prewedding photoshoot then you dont really need a great place always. Just a small garden will work for you. In prewedding photoshoot of Apurva and Yogesh we focused on their emotions more than the location. The above picture was taken near a broken wall, but the composition was really cool.
Apurva+Yogesh Prewedding in Ethnic wear in Pune
In India, we love traditional touch for prewedding as well. Simple kurta and lehenga choli for your pre-wedding gives some amazing pictures. 
Apurva+Yogesh Best Prewedding In Pune Maharashtra
We always try to get some new and unique shots in every prewedding. In the prewedding session of Yogesh and Apurva, we used this simple hat to get some funny and romantic shots. I have taken the above particular shot using 85mm 1.4 lense.
Apurva+Yogesh Prewedding In Pune
Prewedding Poses+Prewedding In Pune+Apurva+Yogesh
The above black and white picture of Apurva and Yogesh was one of my favourite because. When a couple is in true love and they meet after years, the smile is unstoppable. Being a wedding and prewedding photographer,I believe you always dont  need props or great locations and poses but you need to make a couple comfortable and you need to capture their emotions though the pose is really very simple. 
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