Party theme Pre-wedding photoshoot in Pune-India

In Pre-wedding photoshoot of Arnab and Arpita, we tried to so a simple but a sweet theme of picnic. It was a quick decision taken by our head photographer Mr. Abhijeet. Arnab and Arpita both loved this idea. We were first time exploring the location of Lodha society and as Arpita was travelling from  Banglore to Pune, we had no time for their Pre-wedding theme discussion. But this quick pre-wedding theme worked really well and the pictures were outstanding.

Arnab-Arpita Pre-wedding Photoshoot in Pune - India

This was the most funny part of this Pre-wedding, where as a professional Pre-wedding photographer, we enjoyed alot. This part of photoshoot was also not pre-decided. Arpita noticed these showers nearby garden and she said she will love to do this funny theme for pre-wedding. And yes, clients suggest such great and unique ideas. 

Pre-wedding Photoshoot in Saree

Saree is the most beautiful outfit of India Girls. I just loved the idea of Pre-wedding photoshoots in Saree. 

Arnab Arpita Pre-wedding Photoshoot in Indian Wear Pune

As a professional photographer, I love doing pre-wedding photoshoots in Saree. Because the pictures comes perfect in Indian Attires. 

Best Pre-wedding Photographer in Pune, India

Lodha society is surrounded by such beautiful gardens to have pre-wedding photoshoots. 

Pre-wedding Photoshoot on Golf course-Pune - India

Lodha Society is having an amazing golf course. We taken this beautiful picture on the golf course. 

Party Theme Pre-wedding Photoshoot in Pune - India
Arnab is a Manager in top IT company where as Arpita is Surgeon based in Banglore. We covered their pre-wedding photoshoot in Lodha Belmondo Pune, which has a beautiful golf course and gardens. This was one of the best location for pre-wedding photoshoot in Pune. 
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