Best location in Pune for Pre Wedding photoshoot:

We are one of the best pre wedding photographer of Pune and always love to explore new location, But we get request from many client that they want to do pre wedding photoshoot inside the Pune only, So according to the theme decided or according to choice of the customer we generally suggest them below location which we thing one of the best location in Pune for Pre wedding photoshoot:

Pashan Lake ( Near Mumbai Bangalore Highway):
The is one of the best location we have ever seen, we can shoot here for multiple type of photoshoot, it  is artificial lake build on British era and very near to Pune city. I see many photographer who ty to capture the birds and natural around this lake, We like this location because its just magnificent (See from Camera view !),   it is surrounded buy different kinds of trees and in between then very good dirt road. Very good for shooting 2-4 hours of photoshoots: attached is the some of the pictures  from our pre wedding photoshoot we have done in Pashan lake:

Is Sony 85mm 1.4 GM is the best lens for portrait or couple photoshoot?
I would say yes, we do lots of pre wedding, post wedding and couple portraits photo-shoot at outdoor and indoor locations, and I feel the best lens for this is 85 mm 1.4 GM, I always do photography on one single philosophy which is “Always  try to capture good emotions rather than forcing couples to give good pose” and for this you need to maintain some distance from couple so that they can have private talk and try to make each other comfortable from this the environment will be much romantic to shoot, And 85 mm actually gives us that opportunity,  This lens is pretty fast, and I always use the burst shoot rather than the single click, which gives me the opportunity to click shot at fast rate and multiple photos so reduce the error margin.

And what practical feature makes Sony 85 mm 1.4 GM the ideal choice for candid photoshoot?
Button to lock focus
This is the most important feature for me, once you lock the focus on object, you do not need to lock it multiple times for different clicks. The Sony 85 mm 1.4 lens come with professional focus lock button , Once you adjust your preferred metering mode and lock focus, Click the button and keep it clicked until you gets your best shot. It save lot of time and effort and make click very easy, and allow you to click images rather than spending your times in setting camera focus.
Manual aperture adjustment ring
This is also one of the best add on with Sony 85mm 1.4 GM lens, It has in built manual aperture control ring, without changing any controls from camera body you can control aperture from ring itself, just move it to get your desired aperture and lighting conditions, and what kind of shots you wants. If you are not sure about aperture you set it into the Auto, which I feel actually very useful

crystal clear images
The image output from this lens is very clear and it produce amazing quality, If anyone allow me to use only one lens than Sony 85 mm 1.4 GM will be my choice with no question in mind. You can click images in different lighting condition, let be morning, direct afternoon sunlight, evening or night this lens always rocks with crystal images.

Optical zoom
So you want to zoom in prime lens! No worries you do so from Sony A7II body itself, this feature gives you the maximum 2 times zoom without compromising image quality even.
Boekh effect
I guess this the most interesting and talkative feature of any lens with higher aperture, and Sony 85mm 1.4 GM lens fits best on this, its bokeh is so round and clear and looks amazingly well.

Background blur effect with ease
Background blur effect in candid photos are one of the most demanding pictures from couples now a days and very popular trend as well, couple wants to focus on them and want highlight them only

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