Prahant + Shilpa

As Prashant and Shilpa met on Facebook, we decided to go for Facebook theme for their Post-wedding Photo-shoot.
Being a fun loving couple, Shilpa and Prashant enjoyed playing with bubble in front of lake. And what else a candid photographer needs when a beautiful, happy couple is in front of him. Just Click Click Click.
Prashant + Shilpa Post Wedding Photo shoot Pune
Prashant + Shilpa Post Wedding Photo shoot Pune
Shilpa is a very beautiful girl who loves traditional attire. She was stunning in her Green Paithini.
Prashant and Shilpa started fighting for Keys of Car. Finally Shilpa won to drive the Car
Prashant + Shilpa Post Wedding Photo shoot Pune
Prashant + Shilpa Post Wedding Photo shoot PuneĀ 
Prashant and Shipa Love Riding their Royal Infield. Hence they requested us to shoot them in Maharashtrian outfit for their Post-wedding photo shoot.
Prashant + Shilpa Post Wedding Traditional Photo shoot in Pune
Though they met on Facebook, Shilpa was childhood sweetheart of Prashant. As usual we had a client meeting and we asked them their story. We believe that until and unless you know your client, you cannot capture their best moments. Your client must be comfortable with you. We love to listen different stories of couples. Hence we asked Prashant and Shilpa their story. I must say, their story is same as Bollywood family drama. They overcame through all the hurdles and finally married with each other. Their relationship was long distance relationship. Shipa convinced her parents for marriage and within a month this sweet girl became Mrs. Ashtikar. Hence they didn't got time for Prewedding shoot. But they both love being in front of camera and to go for a Postwedding shoot. We enjoyed post wedding shoot a lot and end of the shoot these guys became our friends for lifetime.
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