As title suggest, it was a serene morning when we started with the pre-wedding photoshoot of Rasika and Pritam. Rasika and Pritam are sweet couple. We met them first time in a garden inside Pune. Though we are Pune based pre-wedding photographer, but sometime it is not possible for us to conduct a meeting with every couple. Hence we had no idea about Pritam and Rasika. We were clue less about their expectations from their professional pre-wedding photographer.  When a couple search for a photographer in metro city like Pune then it must be a Best Photographer. And somehow they choose us as their Best Photographer. They both were charming, hence we quickly decided theme for their pre-wedding on venue of their photoshoot. And yes, we got some fantastic shots. These pictures also went viral on social media with some 30K likes. Special thanks to for sharing best candid pictures of this cute couple.
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