'Royal Queen'
Shilki was looking like Queen in her Prewedding Photoshoot. First theme for the photoshoot was Royal Theme in an indoor location inside Pune. 
When Abhishek was getting ready for photoshoot, I asked Shilki to think about him. And she smiled with love which I captured in my camera. We clicked this picture in black and white tone, to show her expressions instead of colorful background.
The Royal Couple. 
We decided second theme we asked Shilki to be like a Barbie Doll. And yeayy she did a fantastic job :) 
As a team of professional photographers we always find opportunity to click Black and white picture. Because in black and white photograph the focus is always on the subject and not on the colors.
Candid pictures always play important role in a prewedding photo shoot because they always speaks a lot without words
This was a funny theme in which we used some props and we tried to do some fun. We wrapped up this shoot with some beautiful night shots.
Pre-wedding photoshoot of Shilki and Abhishek was covered in a day in 4 different locations in Pune.
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