We went for Night Pre wedding Photoshoot session for this couple and when we saw them these guys were eating Gola. So we considered this as opportunity to capture these amazing pictures.
Titanic Pose in Pre wedding photography in Pune
Happy Couple in Prewedding Photography Pune
Bride Driving Rikshwa in Pre wedding Photoshoot Pune
Pune Prewedding Photoshoot where Groom Kissing on Forehead of Bride
As Neha is DDLJ fan, we decided to shoot one of her Pre-wedding theme in DDLJ style. And this expression queen was amazing in these Pictures.
 A DDLJ Theme Pre wedding Photoshoot in Pune
Best DDLJ scene used in Pre Wedding Photoshoot in Pune
Pre wedding Photoshoot using guitar by Best Photographer in Pune
Girl Playing Guitar in Pre Wedding Photoshoot by best Photographer in Pune
Night Photoshoot in Pre Wedding in Pune
Best  Couple Photoshoot at night in Pune
It was romantic dinner date of Neha and Tej and they were looking fabulous together.
Desi Girl with Bullet in her Pre Wedding Photography in Pune
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