Abhishek & Shivangi Pre-wedding Photoshoot in Snapcity Pune

Abhishek & Shivangi Pre-wedding Photoshoot in Snapcity Pune

Abhishek & Shivangi-Pre-wedding Photoshoot in Snapcity Pune When Abhishek called us for his pre-wedding photoshoot and said he wants to do it near Pune only but was very confused about the location. We have suggested to him many options from Pawana lake to Lonawala, but finally, we have decided to do Abhishek & Shivangi Pre-wedding Photoshoot in Snapcity Pune, Because of the ease of changing and they have beautiful multiple sets for pre-wedding available. Once we started the shoot we have realized that Abhisheka and Shivangi are deep in love and we hardly need to help them with the pre-wedding photoshoot poses it was just flawless for us as a pre-wedding photographer to shoot for them. We have utilized multiple amazing sets of Snapcity for this shoot with multiple costume changes for Abhishek & Shivangi-Pre-wedding Photoshoot in Snapcity Pune. We have shot both photos and videos for This amazing couple. You can check below photo gallery to check their amazing pre-wedding photoshoot. Nowadays during this covid its hard to find a pre-wedding location in public places and like Lonawala and Pawana because of the crowd, the second location we have chosen for Abhishek & Shivangi-Pre-wedding Photoshoot was Pawana lake and we have done location but when we moved to another location in Pawna Police has stopped us from continuing the shoot, so after that incident, we always suggest couples to chose a safe location. Most of the time couples travelers outside to Pune and have very limited time and in this kind of situation, it’s difficult to complete the shoot. But we were lucky enough to complete the shoot. ¬† You can also check our other pre-wedding Photoshoot¬† Please also check our Facebook, Youtube, and Instagram ¬† Please contact us for your pre-wedding Photoshoot to us we are the best Pre-wedding Photographer available in Pune and Mumbai locations with experience of shooting more than 250 couples.



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