Pune is an outstanding location for Pre wedding Photoshoots. As a Pre-wedding Photographer I have always noticed that people love to travel Pune to have their Dreamy Pre wedding Photoshoots. Pune has some amazing gardens inside the city such as Botanical Garden. It is a wonderful location. Therefore, as a photographer I would say its a mini forest inside city chaos.
Ashutosh & Kirtibha|Pre wedding Photoshoot in Pune| Best Wedding Photographer

We clicked this picture at the time of Sunset i.e. Golden Hour. Kirtibha was wearing this beautiful Red One Piece and Ashutosh was wearing formal Shirt. Above all the, sunset shades were completely complimenting the costumes.

Kirtibha & Ashutosh’s Pre-wedding:
Ashutosh & Kirtibha|Pre wedding Photoshoot in Pune| Best Wedding Photographer

Kirtibha & Ashutosh standing on white bridge for their pre-wedding photoshoot in Pune

Kirtibha-Ashutosh04|Pre wedding Locations in Pune|India

Romantic Pre-wedding Pose from the couple shoot of Kirtibha and Ashutosh

This amazing Couple Kirtibha & Ashutosh travelled from Bangalore to Pune for their Pre-wedding Photoshoot. They wanted to have a romantic candid session of Pre-wedding inside a Garden. Hence we suggested them Botanical Empress Garden. And they loved the idea.

Botanical Empress Garden Has these small bridges which you can use to have some unique pre-wedding poses. Best part about it is, they has mesmerising backgrounds with multiple shades of green. Kirtibha and Ashutosh wore traditional attire here.

Kritibha-Ashutosh11|Forest Pre wedding Photographer in Pune

Ashutosh and Kirtibha looking so refreshing in this pre-wedding picture.

As a wedding photographer I love shooting couple portraits in grass fields. And luckily Botanical Garden has these grass fields too.
Ashutosh & Kirtibha selected us because of our candid style of shooting pre weddings. In their photo session we just asked them to stand of seat where there are good spots. And all they did was fantastic. As a top rated pre wedding photographer in Pune, I would like to suggest the couples who are planning their pre-wedding shoot, to keep it natural and romantic.

Kritibha-Ashutosh013|New Ideas For Pre wedding Photoshoot|Photographers in Pune

We can always make use of trees to get creative shots.

Kritibha-Ashutosh03|Pre wedding poses by best wedding photographer in Pune

Botanical Garden has Table and Chair Set. They can be used as great probs for pre-wedding photoshoot.

Kritibha-Ashutosh05|Pre wedding Ideas| Best Locations in Pune, India

Kritibha-Ashutosh06|Pre wedding Photographers in Pune,India

Kritibha-Ashutosh10|Black&White Pre wedding Pictures|Best Wedding Photographers in Pune

Black and White Couple Portrait from the Pre-wedding photoshoot of Kirtibha and Ashutosh

Romantic Black and White Couple Portrait from the Pre-wedding photoshoot of Kirtibha and Ashutosh

Kritibha-Ashutosh07|Pre wedding Themes | Costumes on Rent in Pune
Kirtibha_Ashutosh02| Pre wedding Photography in Botanical Empress Garden, Pune, India

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