About Us!

Abhijeet & Tilottama

Well this started when my wife asked about our pre wedding !

We (Abhijeet and Tilottama) were in a long distance relationship, and just somehow we managed to agree our parents for our marriage!We hardly had 25 days in our hands, and Tilottama asked me for pre-wedding shoot. I started searching for the same, but soon I realized that the photographers we were looking for were either booked or were not pocket friendly. And then I used my “Bania” mind, I had Nikon DSLR which was entry level camera. Somehow I convinced my roommate Akash to do our Photoshoot. It took efforts for me to convince Tilottama and finally she agreed on it. But it was time-bomb 😛

Just after our marriage I went to UK alone and it was just a co-incident that when I returned to India and next week Tilottama traveled to UK for work. And this was the time again she started following me for Post wedding photoshoot. From my childhood I was in love with Camera’s. I used to save bucks in college days to buy my gear. This time I wanted a new gear, so I tricked her and said, can we buy our own professional camera? I don’t know how but she got convinced, and she gifted me our first camera and lens ( it was Sony A7M2 and 85 MM 1.4 Lens).But till that time we not thought about professional photography, And I posted below pic on my Facebook on excitement:

After seeing my post my friend Prashant called me and requested, can we click his post wedding pictures! I told to Tilottama and she was more than happy to cover it.And this was the moment we that realize that we can also do this business.. Thats it !!Its merely 1 year we have started our business A&T photography and we have covered more than 100 events !! ist it believing?? And idea of Serenity came when we realized that we need seperate brand for Pre-wedding and Wedding to distinct our services and provide highest level of satisfaction to our customers.And wait our Post wedding is still pending, I am still in UK when writing this article and I promised her this time in Scotland.!