About US

A simple request from my fiance help us to find out our really passion. 

Few Words About Us!

Well this journey from Engineer to photographer started when my fiancé has asked me about our pre wedding!

We (Abhijeet and Tilottama) were in a long distance relationship, I was in Bengaluru and Tilottama was located in Pune, I always wanted to shift to Pune so I have resigned from current company and join different IT Company in Pune.

 Initially our families were not agreed on our relationship and decision for wedding but somehow we managed to convince Them, but as a pre-condition they given us hardly one month to get married, and then Tilottama asked me for pre-wedding shoot.

 I have started searching for the photographer, but soon I realized that the photographers we were looking for were either booked or were not pocket friendly. But how couldn’t I upset my fiancé!

I had a Nikon D3200 camera with me with very little knowledge of operating it, but something has to be done, I asked my roommate Akash to help me out, whatever I knew about the camera I told him and asked to click whatever he can!

And frankly the results were not good L  

After our wedding, my company sent me to the UK and it was just a co-incident that when I returned to India and next week Tilottama traveled to UK for work. And this was the time again she started asking me for good Post wedding photo-shoot.

This time we have decided for the post wedding shoot and selected the Royal theme in some palace in Rajasthan, But the cost were too much high for as, I could say as high as a professional camera setup.

From my childhood I was in love with Camera’s. I used to save bucks in college days to buy my gear. This and I always wanted a new gear, so I asked, and she said yes! We took months for search and finally decided to by Sony A7M2 with GM 85 MM lens.


 As a gratitude to her a post a photo of camera thanking her, after seeing my post my friend Prashant called me and requested, can we click his post wedding pictures! I told to Tilottama and she was more than happy to cover it. And this was the moment we realize that I love this!


We both has left our professional IT career in IT and started business A&T photography and we absolutely love it!  

It’s merely 3 year we have started our business A&T photography and we have covered more than 250 events!!


So finally we got chance to click our some candid picture when we visited the UK together.

I have uploaded some pictures here..