Akanksha + Mehul Pre-wedding Photoshoot in Pune

Akanksha + Mehul  Pre-wedding Photoshoot in Pune

Some times its just a stranger who comes in our life and change it forever. Akanksha and Mehul met in office. They became friends and then fall in love with each other. Akanksha is very strait forward, independent girl from Gujrat whereas Mehul is very much caring and loving. While shooting their pre-wedding, Mehul was very much particular about Akanksha’s look. He was continuously making sure that Akanksha is looking perfect.

Akanksha and Mehul specially traveled from Vadodara, Gujrat to have photo shoot from us in Pune. They completely trusted on us for location and costume selection. All the costumes Akanksha and Mehul brought for their prewedding were fabulous, but we had time constraints, hence costume selection was too difficult for us.

I always love candid, but for the pre-wedding of Akanksha and Mehul we focused on the Architecture of buildings, where we were doing their pre-wedding shoot and it came out very well.

Akanksha wanted all her pre-wedding photoshoot, to be done in Indian attire. We started their pre-wedding shoot at morning in Pune and we had some beautiful shots at evening.

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