Amazing Prewedding Photoshoot of Akshay & Mona in Pune

Amazing Prewedding Photoshoot of Akshay & Mona in Pune

Surprises are the best way to win someone’s Heart. We still remember when I’d a call of Akshay & Mona Prewedding Photoshoot in Pune. They both were extremely excited for their pre-wedding Photoshoot.

Both came to meet us and we started to find the best location for prewedding Photoshoot in Pune. They made many plans about their outfits, poses, makeup and whatever they saw in reel life. They wanted to fulfil their little bit wishes which was stayed in their minds for a long time.

Eventually we succeeded to search the best location for their prewedding photoshoot in Pune which was Baner takeri, Mahalunge. When we decided the location now we’d to move for prewedding Photoshoot.

Akshay & Mona met through although their first meeting was below the line of their expectation yet In the couple of time they badly lose in each other.

This was the unforgettable turning point in Akshay’s life when Mona surprisingly entered in his office and he was completely shocked to seeing her like this. After that they exchanged their thoughts and enjoyed each other’s company as well and consequently they both were fall in love.

Finally convinced their families to insist that they both are made for each other. Now when they were going to associate with each other but before that they made many plans for pre-wedding Photoshoot.

Akshay & Mona Prewedding Photoshoot in Pune

On shoot day Mona was looking gorgeous in western gown and she was enhancing the beauty of Baner takeri, Mahalunge and Akshay was also distracting everyone when he put on black suit. Their outfits were completely according to the location. We suggested them many prewedding poses and they’re comfortably click different kind of portraits.

When we shared their edited pictures with them, they were quite happy to see their togetherness and compatibility.


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Akshay & Mona Prewedding Photoshoot in Pune 01
I noticed that their smile was speaking what they are for each other.
I could see that they both were enhancing the beauty of that place from their equisite complexion.
Akshay was eagerly waiting for their Beloved who was bit late.
Akshay was grabbing attention of everyone through his dashing personality.
Mona’s smile was telling how much she’s amuse with her loved ones.
Mona was looking drop dead gorgeous during her photoshoot.
They were looking like a celebrity when they romantically started to dance.
Akshay & Mona were enjoying the every bit of this Photoshoot by holding the hand of each other.
I felt that they had become the reason of each other’s pleasure and their heart could see that things which were invisible for eyes.
Akshay was speechless and stunned to see her beloved’s grace.
Akshay looked like a dashing hero of reel life to wearing black sunglasses.
Mona’s appearance was looking more attractive when she put on modern outfits.
The weather had become pleasant when they were going to celebrate this auspicious moment of their throughout life.
Akshay couldn’t hold his feelings when Mona gave him heartwarming Flying kiss.
This picture was expressing their platonic love for each other and we can also notice the depth of their true love through this fantastic caption.


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