Amusing Pre-Wedding Photoshoot of Nitin & Manika at the best Points of Alibaug, Pune

Amusing Pre-Wedding Photoshoot of Nitin & Manika at the best Points of Alibaug, Pune
Dreamy Pre-wedding Photography Ideas by Best Photographer in Pune-Mumbai-India
Dreamy Pre-wedding Picture from Best Pre-wedding Photoshoot in Alibag

We still remember when Nitin and Manika has called us for pre -wedding photoshoot and came to meet us and meeting went for hours and hours without knowing how much time we spent. They both wanted to have Amusing Pre-Wedding Photoshoot and Video.

Both were extremely excited for their pre wedding photoshoot, we have made many plans for their videos as well pre-wedding photos. The most important task was to selecting the pre wedding photoshoot locations in Pune or around Pune, So finally according to the song we have deicide to shoot their pre wedding photoshoot in beach, And when it comes to beach then the best Pre-wedding location near pune is Alibaug.

Once we decided location for Pre wedding photoshoot Alibaug, its time for pre wedding photoshoot attire which can be suited for both video and photos in beach. The dress selected was One piece and casual, Dangari, Gown and suite and traditional Indo western attire.

Both wanted to shoot with many pre wedding photoshoot props so we thought that Guitar and Wine with glasses and some fairy tel lights suite best on it.

It was too much fun to shoot video as well as pre wedding photoshoot in Alibaug for Nitin and Manika, they both are very good dancers which made our work very easy, We have only suggested only few pre wedding photoshoot poses to them and they have done the rest, the only one thing we said to them was to enjoy and we will cover rest!

Some more Photos & Videos of Nitin & Manika’s Amusing Pre-Wedding Photoshoot:

Best Prewedding Photographer in Pune|Nitin&Manika Coupleshoot
Nitin & Manika Seating on some bunch of woods in the forest of Alibag for their Pre-wedding Photoshoot
Nitin & Manika's Best Couple Shoot in Alibag By Top Pre-wedding Photographer in Pune-Mumbai-Maharashtra-India
Nitin & Manika’s Romantic Moment at their Pre-wedding Photoshoot in Alibag
Nitin & Manika Wearing Beautiful Outfits for their Pre-wedding Photoshoot in Alibag
Dreamy Pre-wedding Photography by best Pre-wedding Photographer in Pune
Dreamy Pre-wedding Photoshoot of Nitin & Manika in the Forests Of Alibag, Maharashtra
Nitin & Manika01|Prewedding Photographer in Pune|India
Adorable Couple Nitin & Manika at their Pre-wedding Photoshoot in Alibag
Nitin & Manika Holding Hands | Best Pre-wedding Photographer in Pune
Nitin & Manika hoding hands in hands for their pre-wedding photoshoot

Alibaug Forest has these amazing tree’s and some broken woods. Hence we used it in creative way and got this superb shot which shows blue sky along with green trees.

Nitin & Manika's Candid Pre-wedding Photography by Pune Photographer
Candid Pre-wedding Photography of Nitin & Manika in the forest of Alibag
Nitin & Manika- Prewedding Photoshoot in Pune-Alibag-Mumbai-India
Manika Twirling For Pre-wedding Photoshoot in the forests of Alibag
Nitin & Manika Seating on Rocks near Beach|Pre-wedding Photographer in Pune|Mumbai|India
Nitin & Manika Seating on Rocks near Beach for their Pre-wedding Photoshoot

The Next Theme of the photoshoot and video-shoot was casual fun on beach. These fun loving couple wore twinning costumes of denim. And as a photographer we just clicked their candid shots. And you can check the amazing chemistry of them.

After Casual Pre-wedding Photoshoot, we decided to have some shots in the sea. Nitin & Manika very refreshing cloths which were complimenting the sea and sky.

Nitin Manika 01-Best Pre-wedding Photoshoot in Pune-Mumbai-India
Nitin & Manika Giving Romantic Pose at Sea-face for their Pre-wedding Photoshoot
Nitin Manika 02-Best Pre-wedding Photographer in Pune-Mumbai-India
Amazing Couple Nitin & Manika Standing in water for their Pre-wedding Photoshoot on beach
Nitin Manika 02-Pre-wedding Photographer in Pune-Mumbai-India
Nitin and Manika’s Romantic Pre-wedding Photosession at beach
Nitin Manika 03-Best Pre-wedding Photoshoot in Pune-Mumbai-India
Manika. and Nitin’s Ā Intimate Pre-wedding Photography on beach
Intimate Prewedding Photoshoot of Nitin & Manika by Best Photographer in Pune-Mumbai-India
Intimate Pre-wedding Pose from the prewedding photoshoot of Nitin and Manika at Beach
Nitin & Manika's Pre-wedding Photoshoot Poses
Best Pre-wedding Pose from Couple shoot of Nitin & Manika
Prewedding Photoshoot ideas with Wine by Best Photographer in Pune-Mumbai-India
Out Adorable Couple Nitin & Manika Wanted to have some romantic shots at the time of Sunset on beach with Wine. And they turned out very well.

Nitin & Manika Pre wedding video:

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