Big fat Indian Wedding of Vinay & Ekta at Hyatt Regency, Pune

Big fat Indian Wedding of Vinay & Ekta at Hyatt Regency, Pune

We still remembered the day Kishor uncle called us about the wedding photography of their daughter and we scheduled a meeting with their family and planned for their Big fat Indian Wedding at the Hyatt Regency, Pune.

From the first meeting only we were sure that Ekta is going to be the fantastic Bride. If I can describe Ekta in one word then it will be – Versatile. She was so particular about everything. Her look her costumes yet she had complete trust on about the script we are going to use for her pre-wedding, the type of choreography we are going to do. As Vinay is an IAS officer, we did not get the chance to meet him before their pre-wedding photoshoot. But what I can say about their chemistry. They have a fantastic bond. This couple is romantic, funny, enthusiastic in short they are Perfect- Match made in heaven. 

How did they meet? Talking about their love story Ekta said that ‘Siddharth(Ekta’s Brother) and Vinay are very good friends. We met at a house party. I love dancing and Vinay is a fantastic singer.  In that house party as well I was danced and Vinay sang a beautiful song. This how I met Vinay and our friendship started. We met again at Siddharth’s wedding and Vinay proposed to me at the Sangeet party.’

EKta’s haldi & mehandi ceremony

The wedding ceremony started with the mehndi function. In Indian weddings, mehndi function is one of the most important ones. Ekta’s mehndi function was colourful. the decoration was classy and it has a touch of traditional Rajasthani culture. As a wedding photographer, we had so much fun in the mehndi function. EKTA’s wore yellow Maharashtrian paithani for her Mehandi function. as her wedding photographer, Ekta had already given us the idea about her looks and costumes she going to wear for every function. 

Ekta’s Bridal session on her Mehendi-Sangeet Event

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