Love doesn’t consist in gazing at each other, but in looking outward together in the same direction. Sometimes it becomes the precious gift for lovers which is directly come from Heaven. I was glad to see the irresistible desire of Love between Prateek & Anushree when I met with them before shoot. They were the second hand of each other. The Profoundness of their Love was declaiming that sweet memories of their Long Relationship. They’d big dream to relish this especial moment by holding each other’s hand at their Fun-loaded Pre-Wedding Photoshoot at the crest of Tamini Ghat Pune.

Now a days Pre-Wedding is the best way to exchange your thoughts with your Partner in a well manner. Every couple has a wish to know about his Companion so nicely before their wedding eve. I’ve remember when Prateek & Anushree called A & T Photography for their Fun-loaded Pre-Wedding Photoshoot at the Pigsty tail of Tamini Ghat Pune.

They were looking fervent on their Shoot day. They didn’t want to waste even a single minute of their togetherness. Their romance were captivating everyone’s attention. Their unconditional love worth to be the example for others. When Prateek & Anushree arrived at the scenic waterfalls, lakes and dense woods of Tamini Ghat, it’s beauty increased even more. Tamini Ghat is noted for the awesome experience which helps you to divert your mind from chaotic city life.

If you want to infuse the spirit of True Love in your relationship like Prateek & Anushree, you can connect with A & T Photography for your Fun-Loaded Pre-Wedding Photoshoot amid the spontaneous beauty of Pune. Actually A & T Photographers are intent on capturing natural moments, expressions and real emotions shared by the couple. Such pictures make your album more vibrant. In fact we make a deep connection with the client’s frame of mind so as to fulfil their long-running desires and satisfy their expectations in term of creating amazingly bespoke content.

Romance on the go!

Prateek & Anushree| Prewedding photographer in Pune
Prateek & Anushree Pre-wedding photoshoot | A&T Photography
Prateek & Anushree Pre-wedding photoshoot | A&T Photography |Best Pre wedding & Wedding photographer
Prateek & Anushree Pre-wedding photoshoot | A&T Photography |Best Pre wedding photographer in Pune1
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