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Maternity/Pregnancy Photographer in Pune 

The first pregnancy is one of the most beautiful times of life for all pregnant women. Many wish to capture this once-in-a-lifetime experience and document the prenatal stage so they can revisit the memories anytime in the future. Maternity photography is the best way to capture all your emotions, excitement, and enthusiasm and preserve your family’s critical milestones like pregnancy. Although maternity photography is a relatively new concept in India, it is becoming increasingly popular amongst pregnant women in urban cities like Mumbai and Pune. So, if you are expecting a bundle of joy soon, then celebrate this miracle of life growing inside you and make memories last a lifetime by getting a professional maternity photoshoot. If you are looking for the best maternity photographer in Pune to capture your pregnancy, then make the right choice with A&T Photography.

At A&T Photography, we truly understand a women’s feelings, emotions, and physical strain that she experiences during pregnancy. That is why we put in every little effort to make our maternity photoshoots extremely easy and comfortable for our clients while capturing all the beauty and essence of their pregnancy. With our natural and candid style of photography, we also try to capture the loving bond between the parents-to-be and tell their unique story through our images as they embark on an unforgettable journey of parenthood.  

Best Maternity Photoshoot Pune

Once you have booked your maternity photoshoot session and paid the advance, we schedule a pre-shoot consultation with our team. During this consultation, we carefully understand your photography needs, a preferred theme, and ideas and discuss all the aspects of your maternity photoshoot. We also welcome you to call us at any time after the consultation to seek any clarifications.

Generally, a maternity photoshoot is done after 32 weeks of pregnancy or at the beginning of the eighth month. However, the best time for a maternity photoshoot Pune is around 34-36 weeks, when the baby bump is most visible. We conduct maternity photo sessions either at your home or at an outdoor location close to your home to provide you all the comfort and convenience. For outdoor maternity photoshoots, natural sunlight adds an ethereal glow to the would-be mother’s face, making the photographs look naturally beautiful and magical. Our indoor maternity photoshoots are intimate, and we execute them using studio lighting to create glamorous and timeless maternity portraits. We prefer to keep our photoshoots minimalistic and free from forced poses or unwanted tricks so that we can portray your pregnancy most naturally. 

Maternity Photography Packages

At A&T Photography, we offer a wide range of economy, premium, and exclusive maternity photoshoot packages to cater to different requirements and budgets. If you have any specific requirements, then we can even custom design a suitable maternity photoshoot package for you. Our maternity packages include an option to change dresses into international maternity couture dresses, props and backdrops, digital photographs, high-resolution digital printed images, a photo album, and make-up and hairstyling as add-ons.

Based on your choice of location for the photoshoot, we offer indoor and outdoor maternity packages. Our indoor/at-home maternity photography packages are best for working couples as they are less time-consuming and less tiring. Introverted couples also prefer indoor shoots as they are shy and need privacy. ​

Whether you choose an outdoor maternity photoshoot package or an indoor one, we go out of our way to make you feel confident, comfortable, and beautiful in your maternity pictures. With years of experience in maternity photoshoots and our artistic pregnancy photography skills, we can transform your maternity pictures into masterpieces that become family heirlooms for all future generations.

Are you looking to capture your beautiful pregnancy moments with the best maternity photographer in Pune? A maternity photoshoot with A&T Photography will help you celebrate your joyous milestone with a beautiful record of your pregnancy.

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