Indelible Pre-Wedding Photoshoot of Sumit & Archana amongst the elevated viewing points of Mahabaleshwar

Indelible Pre-Wedding Photoshoot of Sumit & Archana amongst the elevated viewing points of Mahabaleshwar

When you fall in Love with someone, your heart see which is invisivle to eye. You understand your partner’s pain as yours. Your Heart start to pulsate for the person whom you love. And eventually that person becomes your favourite song which you want to listen again and again. Actually Love does not consist in gazing at each other, but in looking outward together in the same direction. I met Sumit & Archana who were madly in love with each other and they had a big dream to do their Pre-Wedding Photoshoot amongst the elevated viewing points of Mahabaleshwar.

In fact Sumit & Archana already told me about their shoot location when they met with us and they were thrilled to go in the lap of mountains and They were also glad to found themselves as an Actor and Actress during their Unforgettable Pre-Wedding Photoshoot in Mahabaleshwar.

Mahabaleshwar is a wonderful hill station in India’s forested Western Ghats range, south of Mumbai. This is the perfect destination to relax and rejuvenate in leisure. Some of the famous tourist attractions of Mahabaleshwar include Panchgani, Tapola, Pratapgad Fort and so on which are the place of ease for the Touristers and couples.

Now finally we reached at the heights of Mountains where Sumit & Archana were enjoying their closeness. They were feeling virtual ecstasy in the arms of each other. They were quite happy to see their unfulfilled dreams coming true in front of them. There love story started when they first met in Atos which was their working place. They fell in love with each other at first sight and after getting to know each other they planned their Pre-wedding Photoshoot in Mahabaleshwar.

If we look at Archana, she was looking gorgeous in Western Black dress and on the other hand, Sumit was also distracting the beauty of Mahabaleshwar where They were relishing the breathtaking heights of the Hills.

Now a days Pre-Wedding Photoshoot is a huge dream of every couple because every pair wants to know their partner closely for a better life. If you also cherish your iconic moments, pick your phone and call A & T Photography. We’ll help you to fulfil your Fantasies. A & T Photography is the budget friendly option for memorable Pre-Wedding Photoshoot in Pune, Mumbai.

Exciting Pre-Wedding Photoshoot of Sumit and Archana
Sumit & Archna were cherishing their memories amongst the Heights of Mountains.
The most Romantic pose of Sumit and Archana during their Pre-Wedding Photography in Mahabaleshwar
They were enjoying their togetherness amidst the pleasant weather of Mahabaleshwar.
Sumit was lost in Archana's sparky eyes during the Pre-Wedding Photoshoot
Sumit & Archana were enjoying their Pre-Wedding Photoshoot at the heights of Mountains.
Archana was feeling blessed to find Sumit as a Lover.
Sumit & Archana were enjoying their togetherness during Pre-Wedding Photography in Mahabaleshwar.
Their companionship was distracting the beauty of Mahabaleshwar.
They were dancing in the elevated forest of Mahabaleshwar.
Archana found everything when Sumit lifted her in his arms during their Pre-Wedding Photoshoot.
Sumit & Archana were making Heart through the help of their hands during their Pre-Wedding Photoshoot.
In this picture we can feel the profoudness of their Love.
The Perfect Compatibility of Sumit & Archana during the Pre-Wedding Photoshoot in the elevated view of Mahabaleshwar.
We noticed the unbreakable bond of Sumit & Archana during this shoot.

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