Pravin-Sweety’s Pre-wedding Photoshoot in Lavasa

Pravin-Sweety’s Pre-wedding Photoshoot in Lavasa

Lavasa… Ohhh… This is my favorite place for Pre-wedding photography. As a photographer in Pune, I always suggest my client’s to have pre wedding in Lavasa. It is a lovely planned city near Pune. It has western touch and it is situated between amazing mountains. This is the location where you can do pre-wedding photoshoot on multiple themes.

As Lavasa is too famous, many couples from India and from abroad come here to have a pre-wedding photo shoot. Lavasa location is having exotic touch. As per my experience in pre-wedding, I feel because of its romantic weather, I can craft the pictures beautifully.

Recently Pravin called us from Oman, and he wanted to have pre-wedding photoshoot in Lavasa. They traveled all the way from Oman to have a photoshoot in Lavasa. Pravin and Sweety shares an outstanding chemistry, hence I thought they know each other from many years and going to do Love Marriage. But I was wrong. They hardly know each other from months. They met each other on a matrimonial website and their parent’s decided their marriage.  We clicked some outstanding pictures of this perfect couple.

Have a look into those.
Praveen Sweety|Prewedding Photoshoot in Lavasa

We started with some candid pictures. I was away from couple and they were having some conversation.

Couple Portrait at Lavasa by Photographer in Pune-India

You will find classy light poles in Lavasa city which are good option to have pictures.

Pre wedding Couple shoot by photographer in Pune-India

I was spying them from long distance. The smile on their face speaks how happy they were together.

Creative Pre-wedding Photoshoot in Lavasa-Pune-India

Some experiments with lights and magmod.

Couple Candid Pre wedding photoshoot at Lavasa-Pune-India

They were lost with each other

Pre wedding photoshoot at the stairs in Lavasa-Pune-India

Then we moved towards the stairs at Lavasa City.

Unique locations and Idea for Pre wedding photoshoot in Lavasa-Pune-India

We found some marvellous statues at Lavasa and used them for the couple shoot.

Candid Pre wedding photography of classy couple at Lavasa-Pune-India

Some more candids of this lovely couple

Romantic Pre wedding photoshoot of a couple at Lavasa-Pune-India

Such an amazing shot it was!!!

Praveen and Sweety Lavasa Pre wedding by Photographer in Pune-India

Lavasa City has excellent bridges. It is a good spot to explore.

Funny pre wedding ideas for Lavasa by photographer in Pune-India

Funny candids are must in any pre wedding photoshoot. These guys were stunning with sunglasses.

Stylish Pre wedding photoshoot at Lavasa-Pune-India

Some more with sunglasses.

Romantic Poses for pre wedding couple shoot at Lavasa-Pune-India

This was my favourite costume from this shoot. They are looking outstanding in this pose.

Pre wedding idea with stairs at Lavasa-Pune-India

Candid Picture when they were coming down stairs.

Twirling-Pre wedding idea-poses at Lavasa City-Pune-India

She goes twirl…

Best Pre wedding photoshoot in Lavasa by a photographer in Pune-India

An amazing shot

Praveen-Sweety Pre-wedding Photoshoot in Lavasa in black gown-Pune-India Pravin-Sweety Pre-wedding in Lavasa in black gown and blazer Picture from Pravin-Sweety's Pre-wedding in Lavasa City-Pune-India Pravin Sweety's Romantic moment from Pre-wedding in Lavasa-Pune-India Fun Pre-wedding in Lavasa-Pune-India Romantic Pre-wedding in Lavasa-Pune-India Forehead kiss Pre-wedding Idea in Lavasa-Pune-India Love in Lavasa Pre-wedding in Lavasa-Pune-India Color bomb Pre-wedding in Lavasa-Pune-India Colour bomb Pre-wedding in Lavasa-Pune-India Saree Pre-wedding in Lavasa-Pune-India Traditional Pre-wedding in Lavasa-Pune-India Indian Traditional Pre-wedding in Lavasa-Pune-India Romantic-Saree-Traditional Pre-wedding in Lavasa-Pune-India Black and White Pre-wedding in Lavasa-Pune-India Ring-Romance-Pre-wedding in Lavasa-Pune-India Engagement Ring-Pre-wedding in Lavasa-Pune-India Romantic-Cinematic-Pre-wedding in Lavasa-Pune-India Cinematic-Pre-wedding in Lavasa-Pune-India Best Cinematic Pre-wedding Photoshoot in Lavasa-Pune-India Pravin-Sweety Cinematic Pre-wedding Photoshoot in Lavasa-Pune-India Best Cinematic Couple Photoshoot in Lavasa-Pune-India

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