The term pre-wedding photography emerged so vast from last few years. What is Pre-wedding photography? Well it is also known as Engagement photoshoot which is done before few months of your wedding for capturing romantic and funny pictures of couple. These photographs are used to send wedding invitations, making save the date videos for social media, etc.

Well, pre-wedding photoshoots are not compulsory to do, but they can be valuable for many reasons. Such as-

  • Most importantly, Pre-wedding photoshoot gives you beautiful memories for life-time. You can get very natural, candid moments in form of pictures or videos.
  • One can do pre-wedding photoshoot on their unique themes, like you can recreate the situations from the days when you were dating. You can click the pictures at the place where you use to spent time together(it could be your college, your favourite cafe or park) or you can capture moments when you are roaming on bike.
  • Also one of the important aspect of pre-wedding photoshoot is, you become camera friendly and also you become familiar with your photographer. Your photographer is very important person at your wedding, because he is going document it, and you are going to cherish that for lifetime. You must be comfortable, stress freeĀ  at your wedding day, so that your photographer can capture amazing moments of your life. Hence you need to spent some time to know your photographer and pre-wedding is the best idea for it. While choosing your pre-wedding photographer, make sure that he/she is the one who is going to cover your wedding as well.
  • As a pre-wedding photographer, I have met many couples, doing arranged marriage, located at different geographic locations and never met alone before their pre-wedding. If you are one of them, then you must do your pre-wedding, because you can spent some quality time together and your photographer will capture your candid pictures without disturbing you. Trust me guys, candid photographs are one of the best pictures you are going to like from your pre-wedding photoshoot.

So guys, if you are getting married, and want to have pre-wedding photoshoot from one of the best photographers, then contact A&T photography.