Sonali & Sagar’s Pre-wedding- The Enchanting Love Story

Sonali & Sagar’s Pre-wedding- The Enchanting Love Story
Pre-wedding Photographer in Pune|Sonali & Sagar01

The Enchanting Love Story of Sonali & Sagar. They met each other through family and fall in love. For both of them, it was Love at first sight. We started with the Pre-wedding Photoshoot of Sonali and Sagar at Wagheshwar Temple in Pune.

Sonali and Sagar share a very enchanting love story. They both are a super calm and fantastic couple. When we met Sonali, she had a clear idea in her mind about the kind of prewedding photoshoot she is looking for.

It was a 2 Day Pre-wedding shoot with Couple Photographs and a Cinematic Pre-wedding Video. Sonali wanted to have some part of the shoot to be covered at Temple at a traditional type of Song. Hence we decided to shoot at Wagheshwar Temple in Pune and the song was ‘Ek Dil Ek Jaan’ from ‘Padmavat’ movie. (Check the video here).

Pre-wedding Photoshoot in Temples of Pune

Pre-wedding Photoshoot in Temples of Pune

Couple Photoshoot in Temples of Pune

Wagheshwar Temple is very beautiful locations for pre-wedding photoshoot. It has touch of Ancient Indian Architecture. Hence we can do traditional couple shoot here.

Sonali-Sagar02|Best Pre-wedding Photographer in Pune

Sonali and Sagar wore these royal traditional costumes for their Pre-wedding photoshoot at Wagheshwar Temple Pune.

Indian Pre-wedding Ideas by Best Wedding Photographer in Pune

Traditional Pre-wedding Concept|Best Wedding Photographer in Pune,Mumbai

Sonali & Sagar Pre-wedding Photoshoot 04

Sonali & Sagar Pre-wedding Photoshoot 05
As per our plan, the next location was something like forest. Sagar and Sonali wore these fairy tail costumes for the forest location. We got really amazing shades for an early morning shoot.
Sonali-Sagar21|Pre-wedding Photography in Pune|Mumbai|India

Sonali-Sagar12|Pre-wedding Photography in Pune|Mumbai|India

Sonali-Sagar11|Pre-wedding Photography in Pune|Mumbai|India

Sonali-Sagar10|Pre-wedding Photography in Pune|Mumbai|India

Sonali-Sagar07|Pre-wedding Photography in Pune|Mumbai|India

Sonali-Sagar08|Pre-wedding Photography in Pune|Mumbai|India

Sonali-Sagar17|Pre-wedding Photography in Pune|Mumbai|India

Romantic Candid moments are always special in a pre-wedding couple shoot. It shows real bonding of a couple.

Sonali-Sagar14|Pre-wedding Photography in Pune|Mumbai|India

Sonali-Sagar13|Pre-wedding Photography in Pune|Mumbai|India

As pre-wedding photographer, I love to click Twirling shots. Hence I always get at least one shot in this pose according to the Costume.

Sonali-Sagar19|Pre-wedding Photography in Pune|Mumbai|India

Sonali-Sagar09|Pre-wedding Photography in Pune|Mumbai|India


Check Pre-wedding Video of Sonali & Sagar on this link.

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