16 Best Pre-wedding Locations Around Pune in 2022

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Pune is beautiful city with so many outstanding Locations around for Photoshoots specially Pre-wedding Shoots. Lets Check out “16 Best Pre-wedding Locations Around Pune in 2022”


Best Pre-wedding Photographer in Mumbai, India

Pre-wedding Photoshoot Locations around Pune

1. Della Adventure Resort

Best Pre-wedding Shoot at Della Adventure Resort, Lonavala

Pre-wedding Shoot at Della Adventure Resort

Located at Beautiful City Lonavala, Della Adventure Resort offers amazing and stunning location for your Pre-wedding Shoot.


2. Lavasa

Lavasa is one of the most famous and best location for pre-wedding shoots around Pune. Just a 1.5 hour drive from Pune, Lavasa offers amazing views for life style and Romantic Pre-wedding Shoot. It has a vibe of Italian City.

Best Wedding Photographer in Pune|Prewedding Shoot in Lavasa

Prewedding Shoot of Saurabh and Anamika at Scenic City Lavasa Near Pune


Check out our Lavasa Prewedding Here!

3. Pawana Lake


Pawana Lake is wonderful Location for with peaceful lake and picturesque mountain view.

4. Empress Garden

One of the oldest garden in Pune, Empress garden has old trees along with some well maintained structures of plants. Check out this link for Prewedding Shoot at Empress Garden

5. Pu La Deshapande Garden

Its is a very beautiful prewedding location. It offers lush green gardens and a small lake view. If you dont want to rush to long locations to have beautiful pre-wedding shoot then this is an ideal location.

6. Kasarsai Dam

Pune is surrounded by many lakes. Kasarsai is very popular now a days for preweddings.

7. Cafe’s In Pune

Pune has many unique themed cafes and restaurants. For showing life style of Pune, these cafes are ideal places to have a small session of Pre-wedding

8. Baner Tekadi

It is one of the amazing place with forest and sunset view.

9. Sets In The City, Mumbai

Best Prewedding shoot in Sets in The City by A&T Photography

Pre-wedding At Sets in The City


Check out more about Sets in The City Prewedding Here!

10.City Life in Mumbai

Mumbai also Known as “City Of Dreams” offers so many iconic places for a random off beat Pre-wedding Shoot. Couples can just roam around some famous places, do some masti Romance & photographers can capture amazing moments in Camera.

Best Pre-wedding Shoot on Mumbai Streets|Kala Ghoda

Pre-wedding Shoot on famous streets of Mumbai

Pre-wedding Shoot at some famous places in Mumbai

Pre-wedding Shoot near world famous Kala Ghoda Area

Pre-wedding at Marine Lines in Mumbai

Pre-wedding Shoot at Marine Lines, Mumbai

Pre-wedding Shoot at Cruise in Mumbai

Pre-wedding of Saad & Afrin at Cruise in Mumbai

Best Pre-wedding Shoot at Cruise in Mumbai

Mumbai is 3 hour drive from Pune. And it has its own unique vibe. If you love to showcase modern lifestyle with some glamour then go for pre-wedding shoot in Mumbai. It has artistic monuments and modern places to make your pre-wedding a unique affair. For Booking such a wonderful and fun filled Pre-wedding contact us now!

11. Beach

Best Prewedding Shoot at Beach around Pune

Pre-wedding Shoot of Mansi and Shardul At Beach Around Pune.

Check our more about Pre-wedding Shoots on Beach Here!

12. Mahabaleshwar

If you want to do a pre-wedding with clouds, mountains and beautiful water bodies then we are lucky to have Mahabaleshwar around us. Mahabaleshwar has outstanding views of valleys and lakes/rivers.

13. Wind mills

Pre-wedding Photoshoot near Wind-mills

Pre-wedding Shoot of Pratik and Poonam near Wind Mills

Pre-wedding Shoot at Wind Mill Location|Best Wedding Photographer in Pune

Pre-wedding Shoot of Pracheta and Hemant at Wind Mill Location Around Pune

14. Sets around Pune

Best Pre-wedding Photographer in India

Pre-wedding Sets in Satara

Primarily there are 2 major sets in Pune. 1. PBA City 2. Snap City In Pune.


15. Mulshi


Mulshi area is very popular destinations for Pre-wedding Photoshoots. Mulashi lake is famous place for Pre-wedding Photoshoots.



Also Mulshi has beautiful mountainous view which looks beautiful for couple photoshoot. These are amazing locations within the limit of 60kms around Pune. Also they are free of cost

16. Resorts Around Pune

Pune has so many resorts around. Couples who want to go for hassle free, relax photoshoot then they can book Resort for Whole day. There are so many resorts who offer different packages for Pre-wedding Photoshoot. We suggest client’s resorts, depending on the choice and budget.



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