Capturing the Magic: The Best Wedding Photographer in Pune

Capturing The Magic: The Best Wedding Photographer in Pune

Capturing Magic: The Best Wedding Photographer in Pune


As a wedding photographer in Pune, I strive to capture the most beautiful moments of a couple’s special day. With my expertise in covering destination weddings and creating captivating wedding films, I offer a unique and memorable experience for every couple.

Best Wedding Photographer in Pune

We are A&T- Best Wedding Photographers in Pune

My commitment to quality shines through my use of top-of-the-line cameras and lenses. My clients receive the best-in-class quality in their photos and videos. At A&T Photography, we utilise the latest technology and equipments. Because of this we are able to frame each moment with precision and clarity. It also helps us capturing the essence of love and joy that fills the air on a wedding day.

Best Wedding Photographer in Pune Captured this Marathi Wedding Ceremony

Beautiful Photograph of a Maharashtrian couple at their traditional wedding ceremony in Pune

My passion for my craft is reflected in each image I produce. Because of my immense experience as a destination wedding photographer, me and my team have an eye for detail and an ability to capture the genuine emotions shared by couples and their loved ones.


From my experience, I have learned storytelling techniques, and hence I am able to create wedding films that not only chronicle the events but also evoke emotion and create lasting memories. As the best wedding photographer in Pune, I understand that every wedding is unique, which allows me to tailor the approach based on each couple’s preferences and style.

Bride's portrait from destination wedding in Mahabaleshwar captured by Best Wedding Photographer in Pune

Bride’s portrait from Destination Wedding

Whether it’s an intimate ceremony or a grand celebration, we have the expertise to document every special moment with creativity and professionalism.

Pratik & Poonam's Destination Wedding Photography| We are A&T Photography-Luxury Wedding Photographers based in Pune

Pratik & Poonam- Destination Wedding Photography!

Choosing a wedding photographer is an important decision for any couple. My exceptional skills as a photographer coupled with my dedication to providing exceptional quality make me stand out among others in Pune’s vibrant photography industry. When couples choose us as their photographer, they can be confident that their precious memories will be beautifully captured forever.

Best Destination Wedding Photographer

Destination Wedding Photography

When it comes to capturing the most precious moments of your special day, hiring the best wedding photographer is essential. In Pune, there is a name that stands out amongst the rest – A&T Photography! We are acclaimed wedding photographers with a passion for creating stunning visuals.

A&T Photography| Best Wedding Photographer in Pune

Destination Wedding Photography by Team A&T Photography

Destination Wedding!

Specialising in destination weddings and films, we bring a unique touch to each celebration with my expertise and creativity. With extensive experience in capturing love stories across various locations, I ensure that every moment is encapsulated beautifully.

To deliver exceptional quality, I utilise top-of-the-line cameras and lenses, ensuring that your photos and videos are of the highest standard. This guarantees that you receive best-in-class visual memories that will last a lifetime.

Let me be a part of your special day and together we can create unforgettable moments captured through my lens.


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