Pradip & Rupali’s Pre-wedding Photoshoot

Pradip & Rupali’s Pre-wedding Photoshoot:

Pradip-Rupali13|Pre-wedding Photographer in Pune,Mumbai, India

Pre-wedding Photoshoot of Pradip & Rupali’s at Yokohama Garden in Pune

Pradip and Rupali contacted us for their pre-wedding photoshoot and video shoot though a common friend. They both wanted to have a simple and romantic prewedding shoot. Hence they finalised an amazing Marathi song ‘Mitwa’. Hence according to the script, we finalised locations inside and outside of Pune for their Pre wed shoot.

Pradip-Rupali12|Best Pre-wedding Photoshoot in Yokohama Garden in Pune,India

The Lush Green Garden Completely Complementing the amazing combination of costumes wore by Pradip and Rupali for their Prewedding Photoshoot

As it was a photo as well as cinematic pre-wedding shoot, we allocated 2 days for it. On very first day, we started the shoot at the beautiful Yokoyama garden in Pune. The costumes’ colours were selected as per the theme of the Garden. Hence we got really amazing photographs for their couple shoot.

Pradip-Rupali01|Latest Pre-wedding Poses 2019

P.L. Deshpande Garden has this beautiful wooden benches, which can be used to have some cosy and intimate pre-wedding photographs.

As a pre-wedding photographer, I always look at the location and click the shots as per the available props on the location.

Pradip-Rupali10|Best Pre-wedding Photographer in Pune,India

As a pre-wedding photographer I feel, when you have a beautiful Saree, this pose is mandatory.

Pradip and Rupali are a very romantic couple. The way they were looking at each other’s eyes, was fantastic.

Pradip-Rupali11|Top Pre-wedding Photographer in Pune, India

Our Lovely Couple Pradip and Rupali Walking Together for their Photo Shoot

As we know, Yokohama garden is surrounded by lush green lawns and trees, they create an amazing bokeh effect even in harsh sunlight.  Hence as a pre-wedding photographer in Pune, I think it is one of the best locations for the photoshoot.

Pradip-Rupali02|Luxury Wedding Photographer in Pune, India


Pradip-Rupali04|Lovely Pre-wedding Poses

Pradip-Rupali05|Intimate Pre-wedding Poses

In Pradip & Rupali’s Pre-wedding Photoshoot, we tried to focus more on their emotions.

Pradip-Rupali06|Best Pre-wedding Photoshoot in Pune

Pradip-Rupali07|Pre-wedding Photographer in Pune,India

Sunset Photoshoot:

Our Next Location was the wood forests around Pune. For a wedding/prewedding or any photographer, Golden Hour is the best time for the photo shoot. And such locations gives us amazing effects of sunset.

Pradip-Rupali17|Sunset Prewedding|Golden Hour Photoshoot

Silhouette Photography at amazing golden hour for the pre-wedding photoshoot of Pradip and Rupali

Pradip-Rupali18|Sunset Prewedding in Pune

Intimate Romantic Poses for Pre-wedding

Pradip-Rupali24|Top pre-wedding photographer in Pune

Pradip-Rupali23|Proposal Pose in Pre-wedding Photoshoot by best wedding photographer of Pune

As a Wedding Photographer capturing some dreamy poses is necessary hence I always include proposal scene during Pre-wedding Photoshoot

Pradip-Rupali22|Romantic Pre-wedding Photoshoot in Pune

Pradip-Rupali21|Follow Me Pre-wedding Pose

Pradip-Rupali20|New Pre-wedding Poses 2019

Pradip-Rupali19|Couple Walking Together For their Pre-wedding Photoshoot in Pune

Pradip-Rupali18|Sunset Prewedding in Pune

Akshi Beach Photoshoot:

On the very next day, we resumed our shoot at Akshi beach which is hardly two and half hour journey from Pune. This beach has a wonderful small jungle. Rupali & Pradip’s outfit was complimenting the colours of this small jungle.

Pradip-Rupali25|Best Pre-wedding Photoshoot in Forest

Pradip-Rupali26|Intimate Pre-wedding Photoshoot in forest

Pradip-Rupali28|Best Pre-wedding Poses for Forest Location

Happy Candid Moments from the Pre-wedding Photoshoot of Pradip and Rupali and Akshi


Pradip-Rupali35|Romantic Pre-wedding Poses for Couples

Pradip-Rupali32|Intimate Prewedding Photographs

Pradip-Rupali33|Best Wedding Photographer in Pune


Lifestyle Pre-wedding Photoshoot of Pradip and Rupali and Askshi Beach



Some Funny Pictures captured in out Camera from the Pre-wedding photoshoot




















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