What is pre-wedding photoshoot? How to select the best photographer for your wedding?

What is pre-wedding photoshoot? How to select the best photographer for your wedding?
Omkar Bhagyashree pre wedding photoshoot in lavasa
Omkar and Bhagyashree pre-wedding photoshoot in Lavasa

The pre-wedding photoshoot usually referred to a photography session before your wedding. It is a very new trend in the world and most of the new couples prefers to do a pre-wedding photoshoot. I always tell to my client when they ask me how this concept pre-wedding photography and video started in India and why its so much in buzz always,
My answers are simple, India is the country of Bollywood and every single person in India is crazy about it and every girl or boy in their wildest dream wants to act or photographed like Shahrukh Khan or Kajol!. Pre-wedding photography and video give them the same opportunity!

  • How the pre-wedding photography concept started and why it is important?

I am not sure how this all started but it infected liked the fire in the jungle between the couples, and nowadays couples invest more on pre-wedding than in actual wedding photography. The one more factor on it is the couple usually know the wedding photography is reaction based you plan anything that you want photos like this or that but end of the day very little can be achieved on what you thought because the control of functions passes to family members for whom the rituals sometimes more important on time than little more time to be photographed, But in pre-wedding photography you can plan everything with your photographer and its mostly action-based and couples have a complete day dedicated to it for it only.

  • Should you choose your pre-wedding photographer as your wedding photographer?

I would say absolutely yes! You spend so much time with the photographer team on your pre-wedding day becomes so comfortable with them and vice versa.
So on the wedding day, you need to tell them your expectations and not need to worry about the quality of the photograph and video. The results will always be on the par of your expectations.

  • How to choose the right location for your pre-wedding photos and videos?

If you want for pre-wedding video than the location should mostly depend on the song which you choose because song should be meaningful to location.
If photography than the location largely depends on the interest of the couple, someone like the Green other may like the beach or other.

Your photographer should always help you in choosing the right location for pre-wedding which is convenient for travel and changing etc.
Also, you can check this article to the best pre-wedding location near Pune.

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